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Day 03: Your top 5 pet peeves

Ok, another list type hehe.

  1. Those who choose not to follow processes, policies or procedures and then shout when something undesirable happens. These are in place for peace and order. I don’t get it why people tend to ignore it. Examples: not following traffic rules, not following deadlines in the workplace, not following curfew in the family :-P.
  2. Kids who waste their parents’ resources by not giving their best in school and preferring friends over family. Hay. Nakakapanlumo minsan. It was a struggle to finance my studies and many times in the past, I wish it was not that hard for my parents to send us to school. But such is life. But I can’t help but feel bad for parents with kids who abuse.
  3. Parents who allow their kids to roam around public places unsupervised. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re too tired to be baby sitting or they just don’t care.
  4. Those who post, share or worse, misinterpret unverified information on the net. The net is supposed to be a powerful source of information. But not anymore, because of too much misleading information.
  5. Those who are too judgmental that they act based on how they judge you. While it’s true that respect is earned, people should still treat others with even the barest courtesy regardless of a person’s economical capacity. Naalala ko na naman ito hahaha. So, yes, may hugot ako :-P.