Day 01

Day 02: Where you’d like to be in 10 years

Interesting question. I should keep this blog alive as it would be nice to go back to this post 10 years later hehehe.

Here are the things in ten year’s time:

  1. Completion of Sayote Kingdom, interior and exterior and have settled back home in Baguio. Baka magtampo na ang aking Sayote Kingdom nyan pag wala pa ako don by that time hehehe.
  2. Have a family, with 2 or 3 grade schoolers. Kailangan na bang maghabol? Hahaha!
  3. Still be working either in corporate or work at home gigs.
  4. Have a business that helps in increasing the income. Something along the lines of food or maybe real estate.
  5. Have accumulated enough savings and investments for my life goals, especially for retirement. Hmmm, need to be specific? Sana meron na akong at least Php 5M in non-real estate investments by then hehehe.
  6. Have enough travel fund to do the Holy Land pilgrimage with the husband and/or together with another friend. I don’t want to do it when I’m 60. Baka di ko na kakayanin ang too much walking. But if this is realized earlier, much better! But then again, maliliit pa kasi mga kids prior 10 years. Mahirap pa silang iwanan hehehe.
  7. Still sending a non-relative child to school. My goal is to start next year, once the niece is done and I hope to continue doing this for years.
  8. Be an Innova owner. Or maybe a jeep. Uso ito sa Baguio kasi, para siguradong pang pamilya. But I prefer Innova hahaha. But this one, I hope to have it earlier. Save pa more.
  9. Have set foot in 81 provinces in the Philippines. The list is still long.
  10. Have done out of Asia travel hehehe. Pamilya, savings and investments, at bulakbol lang, masaya na ako  :-P.

This was fun and easy  :-).