September 12-18, 2016


We have deployed the system and the end users confirmed that everything is working as expected, and it’s been up since last Friday. Hoping that there will be no more glitches. I’m seeing 1 issue but it won’t actually happen if the end users update as instructed.

I have consolidated all the overtime hours we’ve accumulated in the last 3 weeks that we’ve been working nonstop on that system. According to my tally, it’s 13.5 days based on how we define In lieu earnings. I therefore conclude that all the mood swings, cursing and stress eating are justified hahahaha! I’m not yet sure if my boss would agree to my usage of those extra days. Crossing my fingers for a positive outcome because if that’s the case, my December leaves are covered and I have extra vacation leaves for conversion. Caching caching! Hehe. We’ll see.

Last Friday, we also attended an event for the company’s leaders. Binitbit lang ako ni boss. I don’t really like attending these things (my boss knows it) but I know I need to. Nagpakasutil ako ng konti and I told my boss I wasn’t going every time she reminded me about the event almost every day last week hehe. Maybe she only confirmed that I was going when my friend, who was also going to that event and graciously offered us to ride with her, called me up when they were near my pickup point. I was looking forward to the giveaway but they decided not to have one this year! How could that be??? It’s one of the highlights kaya! Chos! There were raffles too, but as always, I wasn’t lucky. Boo.

The event was all about company updates and the big idea competition. Unfortunately, our idea was not selected but it’s fine hehe.

My takeaway for from that day was a question which our VP asked us. “Are the things I am doing helping the company to grow?” If I were to relate it to my personal life, I can have this question: “Will this activity that I’m about to do contribute to the realization of my life goals?” I should be asking this often given that I procrastinate a lot and have the tendency to waste time hehehe.

There was also an after party with open bar. I ordered two shots – zombie and tequila something. Ayun, di naman ako nalasing. Parang wala naman kasing tequila yung isang drink. Walang kick. At wait, gusto ko ba talagang maglasing that night? Hahaha!


Hmmmm…ok, I slept a lot. My body clock is still screwed up because of the too many long shifts we had in the last 3 weeks. I’m slowly trying to correct that though hehehe. So, I only went out on Sunday for some errands in Makati.

I also finally went to Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. And, there wasn’t anything much to see there hahaha. There were only a few shops, some in other malls. But I went there mainly for lunch hehe. Food again. I tried Wingstop’s classic wings in garlic parmesan, onion rings, and chipotle rice. Ok lang naman. Masarap naman lahat. I also had dessert at Florabel. I tried the frozen brazoo de Mercedes. I read it somewhere that it’s highly recommended. Well, I love sweets so of course I loved this. Not good for the health though hehehe.


I just find Florabel’s place mat pretty.


Frozen brazo de mercedes. Priced at Php 225 + service charge. Expensive but yummy!

There are still a lot of constructions within the area. Even Uniwide, the supermarket, is not yet opened. Yun pa naman isang sinadya ko pero ayun, under construction pa lang yung building kung san sya ipupuwesto hehehe.

Another mall near the area is Ayala the 30th. Eto sana magbukas na. It looks big so there must be a lot of shops, which of course will also be like the ones in other malls hehehe. Yun lang, this is just 5 minutes walk away from my apartment thus, I’m really looking forward to its opening. I read again somewhere that this was supposed to open last August but until now, no one shop has opened yet. But I think some shops will start opening in November, just in time for the holidays!

I went home late afternoon. I remember watching Mr. Right but I fell asleep in the middle so I did not get the whole story hehehe.

Until then. Have a great week ahead.