Something was waiting for me at my desk when I got to the office last Tuesday. I am now an owner of Citi Rewards credit card! Hehehe. After being declined for maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 6 years, my most recent application was approved. I’m not sure why I got approved when I did not change employment recently.

One night in August, I tried visiting Citibank’s site and went through the application process. I noticed then that their online application has changed. You can now upload your scanned IDs so no need to email them to a representative. A few days after, I got a message that I was approved. I was suppressing my excitement though because, 1) I had erroneous information which I asked a customer service agent to correct and 2) I changed my delivery address to my office instead of the apartment. I was thinking that those may trigger them to reconsider my application. Also, the text notification said, it will be processed in 7 business days. Well, 2 weeks have passed since that message but I haven’t received one yet so I actually lost hope again hahaha. But it arrived when I least expected it. Hehehe.

Why am I so bent on having a Citibank credit card anyway? I just want to have one that’s known internationally (?). Also, there are some promotions where only Citibank credit card is valid, like the bigger Samsonite discount for Citi card holders last May. This is timely because, though I have a Standard Chartered credit card, they are transferring part of their services to East West bank by November and I’m rethinking about continuing its usage.

Owning a credit card in itself is not a problem for me. I have learned my lesson a long time ago and I have been a responsible credit card owner since then. But I want a maximum of 2 credit cards, so that at least I have a backup. More than that becomes a headache to me. I’ve had 3 in the past years though but that was ok because one was just used for the auto-debit payment of my premiums. Now that my premium payment has ended, I also deactivated that card.

Anyway, so happy to finally have that blue card hehehe. I’m now thinking of where to first use it. Ang arte ko lang.  😛  😀

Are you pro or anti credit card?