September 5-11, 2016


Still mostly work updates. But better now, at least. We finally got the sign off from our testers last Saturday. When a sign off is given, it means everything is in order according to how the system should work and we are now ready to move to production. Whew. What’s left is the implementation, which is what we are doing few minutes from now.

I hope this version turns out ok. I don’t want to work on this system for the longest time. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time making sure that it IS working correctly. When i went to mass last September 8, I fervently asked for the Mama Mary’s divine intervention. My only prayer during that mass was for this project. That is how badly I want this project to be completed hehehe.

We are not yet off the hook though. We will continue to monitor until everyone is successful in using this system. Crossing our fingers.


Since we were working Friday night until Saturday morning, I slept the whole day of Saturday. I woke up early evening. My plan was to watch just 3 episodes of Descendants of the Sun (DotS). I did that at first. But I can’t sleep. My body clock has adjusted to night shift hahaha. And so I continued watching until 4 AM. And slept. And continued watching again when I woke up on Sunday afternoon until I was done. Adik lang.

DotS was a combination of action, comedy, romance and drama. It was fast-paced, so the story line was not stretched to just to add unnecessary subplots. And of course, the “doves” were a sight to behold hahaha.

Thinking of what series to watch next hehehe. Tsk tsk tsk.

A friend and I were supposed to watch any movie showing at the Cine Europa at Shangri-la Mall. But both our schedules are screwed because she also rendered OT. So there, no more free movies hehehe.

Cine Europa runs until September 18, 2016 at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 2, Shangri-la Plaza. I may try to watch this weekend if I’m not going home.

Have a great week ahead.