Quick break.

We are testing a system with the end users. We were already panicking because we are not seeing the expected file uploaded. The files of the other testers went through. One tester’s file didn’t. Nakakapraning. After more than an hour:

Teammate: Can you re-upload again? Your file is not going through.

Tester (after a few minutes): Done uploading! (very enthusiastic pa!)

Me: *checks folder right away. No file still. Verifies with teammates if it should go to that folder right away. Yes daw. Light bulb.*

Me: Teammate, ask him what URL he’s using.

Teammate: Tester, may I know what URL you’re using?

Tester: It’s blah blah blah (gives the production URL, not the test URL).

All of us in our chat window, testers not included:

  • Boom!
  • Prod yan eh!
  • Anakngteteng na mokong ‘to.
  • Sino yan, tatanggalin ko schedules nya!

Nakakaloka. But well, I can’t blame them rin. They’re not familiar with these types of things. They’re end users after all. And it’s overwhelming to be reading through a step by step guide to check testing.

Lesson learned for us. Always ensure to check with them that they are using the correct URLs.

Ok, back to testing at nang makatulog na kami 😛 . Isang linggong puyatan na ito eh.


Hala, kaka-post ko pa lang, may next eksena na hahaha.

Via email:

Tester: Hi, I can’t see the schedules I uploaded.

Me: *checks URL. Using prod link.*

Teammate: *sends email with correct information.*

Kaloka this!

P.s. Day 2 of September na, di ko pa nagagawa ang Day 1 blog challenge ko. I’ll just catch up this weekend. Masaya ang first topic eh. Dapat di ako puyat pag magsusulat ako about it haha.