I searched for some 30 day blogging challenge in Pinterest and got the first that interested me…something that’s not too complicated or controversial hehehe. I also did not really review each topic per day because I’d want it to be a surprise for when the day comes that I’ll write about it. I just checked Days 1-5 to see if topics are simple, especially for my brain. I’m not sure if this is still common nowadays but common or not, I just want to do it for September.

My reason for doing it? I just want to maximize having a paid blogging platform. It’s also a test for me and my patience and my brain cells whether I can sustain it or not.

Here’s what I will be doing. Good luck to me.


Note: Since I’m not sure if I have the time to write everyday, I may be writing some topics in advance. Is this allowed for these types of challenges? But regardless, my blog, my rules for now.