August 8-14, 2016


We had our next round of migration last August 9. Oh wait. That was moved to August 10 because one of the legacy systems had separation anxiety and got issues on its own and we can’t proceed until that’s not fixed because that’s where our Payroll data comes from. Nakakaloka. I recommended to my boss that we just move the implementation to August 10 because it will be too risky if we start late. She agreed. Good thing she trusts me on my decisions. Lesser stress.

And so we started on August 10, and we’ve been having issues in some of the systems. Nakakaloka.  Our mantra “Keep Calm and Deploy” have been tested a million times. Our body clocks were whacked. I was feeling like a zombie since Wednesday, working on Saturday and checking emails on Sunday. But I know this too shall pass.

Today is another week. We’ll resolve all issues in the next 2 days.


A fourth of my weekend was gone when I woke up on Saturday. When I checked online, the HR peep who I needed to talk to was also online so we discussed a bit about the issue. It was already late afternoon when we were done. But I went out to do some groceries. I don’t have any food at home and that’s critical especially with this kind of weather.

On Sunday, well it’s family day for the HR peep that I’m dependent on so I went out to do my errands aka de-stress too hehehe. First off was to attend mass and be in SM Makati by the time it opens hehe. I wanted to get a hair color. They have free coloring service in SM when you buy a hair color from Loreal that’s why hehe. I was not able to achieve the color I wanted though. The hair specialist said that it’s because my hair was rebonded so tendency is that the color will be hard get through. I can have a second round after a month though. The color will be more obvious after. Ok, that will do.

Next was pedicure and manicure, and then to the waxing salon. Stressed talaga ako haha.

It was already late afternoon when I was done. No proper meal, only a piece of brownie and Auntie Anne’s cream cheeses stix. This is addicting, but not good for the wallet if bought daily hehehe. Php 85.00 kasi. Well, 6 pieces of around 3-4 inches stix naman so nakakabusog din.

Wait, it’s lipstick sale in SM Makati (and I believe in other branches too). I bought one from Maybelline. I don’t usually wear one because I don’t like retouching every few hours. No patience for that. But it comes handy for those days I want my face to have a pop of color. Php 150.00 lang.

I went home after. Or so I thought. Pasig ako di ba? So I always pass by Shangri-la on my way home. I dropped by Rustan’s to check on something. I went out with a shopping bag. But that will be in another blog post just because…ang tagal ko kasing hinintay na mag-align ang tadhana at wallet ko para lang dito eh hihihi.

I texted the home service massage that I usually get but did not get a reply. Maybe, it was because of the weather. Ito na lang kulang sa pampering session ko.

I watched 2 movies too, in between waiting. First was The Best Man Holiday. It’s drama, romance. Naiyak ako ng slight and fervently prayed to the Lord na sana bigyan naman nya ako ng long life like lampas naman sa pagiging senior citizen. Next was Ashby. It’s comedy, drama, romance. For this one, napapaisip ako if may ganong trabaho ba talaga like that of Ashby. Ashby is the name of the lead character.

Ok, my time for blogging is up. I’m now ready to face all those system related issues and eliminate them all. Mauubos din kayo, hmp!!!!

Have a great week ahead! And stay safe and dry.