Last week, I sent this to a colleague.


Pramis, panic mode talaga! Tapos medyo matagal pa sya magreply so medyo palpitation levels ako that time hahaha. It will be a mess if that file  was processed by the other system talaga. Hay big headache for us. Blessing in disguise that the other job that was supposed to process the file had an error. So, my colleague was able to fix the error, plus it did not cause more headache for us.

Syempre nakatikim ako ng all CAPS reply from him pero deadma na hahaha. What’s more important is no mess whatsoever.

My colleague said “fortune smiled”. Truee!!!!! And I’m so thankful for that!

Naulit pa ito for another system! But false alarm yun since may error din and walang file na nagenerate hehehe. And in case nangyaring napush ang file to the other system, error din since we have not yet loaded the profiles that time.

Whew. What’s that famous quote? “Once is enough, twice is too much, thrice is stupidity”? Buti na lang wala nang third hahaha!

On another note, today is the other big day for us!!!! No more errors please.