August 1-7, 2016

Hello, ghost month!


The new systems went live yesterday! Finally! Last week was all about deployments still. I cleared my schedule this weekend just to stay home in case there will be issues. Thank God, there were none, just the common issues where employees cannot login. The core team plus representatives from other departments who helped us had a quick call last night just to ensure that everything that needs to be done has been done and everyone is clear about what they are going to do in case there are issues. I am happy to say that everyone knows what they are supposed to do when things don’t happen as expected.

While there were moments that I’m really pissed with other people’s work attitude, I don’t dwell on it too much. I always remind myself na ako ang lugi kasi malay ba nyang nayayamot na ako sa kanya di ba. Anyway, like I always say to a colleague, pag nanggago man yan, dadalhin nya yan sa kanyang konsensya sa buong buhay nya. Makakalimutan man nya most of the time pero susundot-sundot pa rin yan sa kanya from time to time. So I’m chill :p.

We still have one round of implementation on Tuesday. It will be a veerrrry long night and day but we can do this. Yep, we are on night shift and estimated completion will be after 18 hours. We can’t stop because we can’t have the systems down for too long. Idadaan na lang sa kape hahaha. Plus, nakahirit naman na ako ng food budget kay boss. Ok sa alright na hehehe.


Since I am on self-imposed house arrest, I used some time to rearrange the house. Achieve naman pero parang walang nagbago since pinag-interchange ko lang yung work table ko with the book shelf hehe. Pero that’s fine for now. Wala rin talaga akong talent sa interior designing/decorating eh. Di ko rin kasi alam kung anong gusto kong theme hahaha.

I also decluttered my work table and threw everything that I haven’t used in a while. At marami pa rin akong tinapon to think na nagdeclutter na ako before. Kaloka lang. Those that I think my nieces can still use will be brought home.

I’m not yet done with decluttering but I’ll do that one step at a time until I have trimmed down to the things that I really often use.

In between cleaning, I also played some games and watched some movies, one of which was Princess Cut. It was a movie released in 2015. It’s about finding Mr. Right in God’s chosen perfect time despite experiencing heartbreaks, confusions and uncertainties in the process. I want my future daughter to watch that.

That’s it pancit! Have a great week ahead.