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IMG_2676I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m glad and thankful that this trip pushed through despite my friend and I’s hesitation around 2 weeks prior this trip. I came back inspired and  more hopeful for my own country, which is also timely because we have newly elected government officials.

Here are some things that amazed me during our trip:

  • Their transport system is so efficient. There’s no fear in getting lost because for sure, you’ll be able to find your way back because all train lines are connected at some point.
  • Their urban planners are good. Aerial view pa lang, maayos na ang pagkakalatag.
  • A friend who worked in Japan before said that the Japanese are hard workers. I have witnessed that personally. They do their work with pride, passion and ensuring that they deliver with quality. Even with the train cleaners, I did not sense any feeling of “ay train cleaner lang ako”.
  • They are disciplined. Imagine Shibuya crossing. It’s a big intersection but there are no overpasses because everyone just follow the traffic rules. I only saw overpasses in highways. They alight and board only at bus stops. The buses stop only at bus stops. There are seats designated for elders and no one seats there unless s/he’s an elder. One time we did not notice the signage and an elder was strangely looking at us. We realized maybe it was because we were seated at their allotted seat! We stood up right away just to be sure hehe. Buti na lang malapit na kami sa bus stop. Sana ganito rin sa Pinas.
  • They take advantage of technology for efficiency.
  • Their attention to the tiniest detail is impressive. Signage in every possible place, baskets where you can place your bags in restaurants, plate especially designed for buffet where it is compartmentalized into small bowls so that food won’t mix up, and the list goes on and on and on.
  • Their toilets with all those buttons! I want one of those for my own toilet! Heated seat please!
  • Their parks are really huge and well maintained. Summer na don but all plants are vibrant green pa rin!

I would still like to go back to Japan and experience the other seasons naman. If maganda ngayong summer, I’m sure mas maganda pa sa ibang seasons.

This ends my Japan series of stories. Hope to have another series about Japan in the coming years or even decades if that’s how long it will take me to save up for another Japan trip hehe.

Thank you, Father God, especially for your generous provisions for this trip. I am forever grateful.