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Our last day was all about finding enough energy to pull our luggage in all the train stations to get to the airport hehehe. Our flight was still at 12:50 PM but we left for the airport early, just to be sure. And good thing we did. My friend needed to refund the remaining load of her ICOA card and the line was long. She was done after about 40 minutes. That left us with just enough time to check in, and drop by Duty Free.

I had no choice but to buy goodies at Duty Free. Nag-inarte kasi ako when I had the chance hahaha. You see, while we were in Tokyo, we went to a store that sells cheaper green tea kitkat. But since we will still be going to Kyoto, then Osaka, and I didn’t want to add weight to my luggage just yet, I decided to just buy in Osaka. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything na in Osaka, or at least at the places we went to. So ayun, napamahal ako sa Duty Free. As in a very expensive lesson hehehe. But it’s ok as I was able to buy Royce for a cheaper price than in Manila! Masadong mahal yung nandito, about twice the price siguro. Kaloka di ba?

Di ba that week, there was a typhoon in Pinas. Medyo may turbulence when we were in the air na. But it was just mild naman.

Our flight landed in Terminal 1. The most that I dislike every time I’m at our Manila airports are the over expensive taxi services! Langya lang kasi talaga eh. So prior our flight to Japan, I asked one Uber driver if they are already allowed in the airports. Yes, they are. So I just booked for Uber para less hassle and headache.



Kansai airport. So busy.


So efficient.

To be continued. Yes, there’s more :).

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