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*** Text was written at the airport while waiting for our flight back to Manila. ***

Day 4: July 7, 2016

Today, I woke up not feeling well! Kamusta naman yun. Maybe it was due to lack of sleep and tiredness na rin.

We were bound for Osaka in the afternoon so we checked out early and just left our luggage at the hotel lobby and picked it up later.

First stop this day was the Fushimi Inari Shrine. This was one of the shooting locations of Memoirs of a Geisha if I’m not mistaken. Picture picture, especially at the Orange tunnel. As in tyagaan sa paghintay until mawala ang tao just to get the perfect shot. More about the shrine here.

From the shrine, we went to Philosopher’s Walk. Ang hirap namin nahanap itong place na ito. Di namin masaktuhan yung talagang babaan. Nahanap naman namin after going back and forth at least 3 times. Ubusan ng load ng Suica hehehe. At literal na walk ang gagawin mo sa kahabaan nung area.   There is a walkway along the creek. Yun lang yung susundan mo. There are also shops selling souvenirs. Based on one of the posters in one shop, mas maganda itsura or mas dinadayo yung park during winter and cherry blossoms season.

Medyo mahaba naman nilakad namin before going back to the hotel to pick up our luggage. Medyo nawala kami sa bus stop din hahaha. Namali kami ng bus number na sinakyan. But again, since ok din ang bus transport system nila, nakabalik din kami sa hotel. We just took our luggage, and rode the bus going to Kyoto station. We rode the Shinkansen (bullet train) going to Osaka. We reserved seats at the JR office para sure na may upuan.

I thought it would be an hour ride pero yung tipong kaka-settle pa lang namin sa upuan at matutulog pa sana, ayun nasa Shin-Osaka station na kami. That was around 20 minutes travel time. Ang bilis!

It was already night time when we arrived in Osaka so diretso check in na kami sa Hotel Mystays pa rin. We booked all our hotels in advance.

Late lunch rin kami this day kaya wala na rin dinner. Mas gusto na namin magrest ng maaga. And at the end of this day, mas malala na sipon ko hahaha.



Panoramic view of the shrine


Bigger orange posts


Blocks of wood where one can write their wishes and prayers


Posing by the orange posts. We stayed here the longest just to get a shot without people.


Kyoto Tower at the Kyoto Station


Map of the Philosopher’s Walk


It’s literally a path where you can enjoy your walk under these trees. Imagine if it were winter or Cherry blossoms or even Autumn!


Dropping by this small place and we found out that it’s a cafe


Another part of the area

To be continued.

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