June 27 – July 3, 2016


Work muna.

Deployment series starts week after next week! While there are still items to close and while final decision of executives will happen next week, we are positive that that meeting will just be all formalities and it will still be a go. I made sure all pre-deployment requirements are in place bago ako nagfile ng bonggang 1 week leave next week para di na makapag-no si boss hehehehe.

Oh, I was also nominated by my boss for a raise! She had me signed the papers last Friday. First payout will be end of July. Maliit lang pero a raise is still a raise especially after years of not getting one because of conservative spending. Pwede nang pandagdag ipon yun.


We are leaving for Japan later!!!!! Now, the excitement is building up. To be honest, I was not really excited at first when our visas got approved because I was anticipating conflicts with work. However, some of the big bosses were on leave the past week, therefore our project manager had to move the go/no go meeting next week. And while waiting for their final decision, we cannot really go all out with the implementation. Ang galing lang talaga. The universe conspired and everything aligned hehehe. Thank you, Lord.

However, ayun lang. I don’t know our exact itinerary. Di ko alam gagawin namin. Di na kami nakapagmeet ng friend ko to plan pa hehehe. So whether chill or kuracha, keri lang. Exciting pa rin naman hihihi. Wala rin pang-shoping pero keri na hahaha! Sana naman hindi ganon kamahal ang mga pampasalubong :).

I just finished packing. Ang tagal ko matapos. Di na sanay magtravel. Well, it’s been a while din kasi. Last out of the country trip was in April 2013 pa. Even local travels na pangmatagalan, 2013 din yung last ko.

I’ll try to share our Pasyal Japan as soon as I can hehe.


I spent my weekend planning what to bring and doing last minute shopping for things I need in this trip.

Some friends and I also watched Achy Breaky Hearts this afternoon. Fan kasi ako ni JSM and RY hehehe. At medyo nakakarelate kasi ako sa linyang “kailan ka ikakasal?”. Bakit nga ba masyadong big deal yun? Worst pa was I was asked that many times during the wake of my parents. Kotang kota na ako sa ganyang question hehehe. Basta ang sa akin, if it’s meant to be, it will happen kahit kailan pa yan. No need to stress about it.

O sya, need to try sleeping even for just a few hours. Have a great week ahead. Oh, looks like there will be a holiday on July 6! The palace will decide by Monday or Tuesday according to news. Good for all of us working peeps. Good for me kasi nakatipid ako ng isang leave hihihi! Good night!