June 20-26, 2016

Week 26 recap ko na ‘to, so meaning to say, tapos na tapos na talaga ang first half of the year. OMG lang.


If we implement a big project, there is what we call a go/no go meeting wherein the executives give their “blessing” for project implementation, IF they are satisfied with the overall project status and the risks that go with it. Finally after a long long long (as in years) time, we are almost at the end of this project and got the go signal for implementation from our local leaders. There will be another meeting with the executives from the head office on the first week of July before everything is a go. I am crossing my fingers that it will also be affirmative. Well, we all are, at nang maka-move on na with other projects.

While waiting for the head office decision, we are slowly closing all pending items and preparing for the detailed implementation checklist. It is a little challenging because this involves different departments, different vendors and different components whill will all go live all at the same time. But we can do this!


My friend received our Japan visas early last week, yey! Single entry only but approved pa rin so keri na hehe. However, she was having second thoughts because of budget. Actually, ako rin because of the timing of our project implementation. However, she still wanted to push through with it so, go go go! Blessing in disguise that the meeting with the head office leaders was moved to July, instead of this week. Meaning to say kasi, we cannot proceed with implementation unless we have their final go signal. So good timing that I’m out on the first week of July, where July 4 is a US holiday, and hopefully, 1 of those days will also be a holiday in the PH because of Ramadan. Sayang din yung isang leave na matitipid ko kasi hehe.

So last weekend, I started planning for clothes to pack. Planning pa lang. Packing will be this weekend. I also went to Shang to buy Yen. Ang mahal na! The cheapest that I got was at Php 0.46. BDO was selling it for Php 0.47 and another money changer’s rate was Php 0.4603 (or 0.463). Buy na kesa maubusan pa next weekend. Hopefully, the amount I bought is already enough for the entire trip. Super tipid trip ito, lalo na sa food pero di bale na. At least makakapunta kami ng Japan hehehe.

Ok, I hope you all are having a great week.