June 6 – 12, 2016

Every year, the flu visits me. And more often than not, it visits me in the middle of the year. And it’s not just the “hey, I’m here, ktnxbye” type of thing.  It stays with me for several days and it makes me feel like a withered vegetable. This year, it happened last weekend. I felt the symptoms on Thursday. At first, I thought it was just because of staying late the previous night and waking up early in time for a meeting. But it got worst on Friday, which prompted me to cancel my weekend plans just to stay at home and sleep, chug liters and liters of water, double dose on vitamin C, and be a couch potato for the most part.

We were supposed to watch some of the movies in the French Film Festival at Greenbelt 3. But was not able due to my yearly visitor.

 While I was on imposed house arrest, I tried and successfully finished reading How to Build a Happy Family, a book by Bo Sanchez. It was an easy read and has less than 200 pages that’s why it was not a torture to my brain cells. The book discusses 7 steps to renew, bless and heal our most important relationships.

HappyFamilyBoSanchezAnd so I have nothing more interesting to write hehehe….

Oh, another kiddie birthday party to go to next month. Venue is walking distance from my apartment. Buti na lang hehehehe.

And yet another (meron pa pala hehe)…I’m done paying the lot I bought 3 years ago!!!! I made my last payment last Friday! Ahhhhh, freedom from payments! 1 down, 1 more to go. Next up is to save up for the title processing, which I hope won’t cost that much. No updated estimates yet from the lot owners.

Anyway, hope you all had a great week. Hoping for a better week!