What?! June already?! That fast? Why why why? Anyway…

Personal finance is something that I’m very passionate about for the simple reason that I need to closely watch my spending to avoid screwing up my life hahaha. You see, I’m single and I depend on myself alone to support me until my golden years. All my siblings have their own lives and families to deal with. I sometimes need to help some siblings too. I’m not born to rich parents. No inheritance from them. Well, only a small parcel of land just enough for a small house, but which has claims issues since the beginning of time (exaggerated but my first recall of the issue is since elementary days pa at anong petsa na ngayon), so I shouldn’t really depend on that.

I still have a lot of things to learn, or more aptly, learning should never stop. I fail many times, again and again, but I just try to correct it right away. Sometimes, I get frustrated because I find my progress too slow or when I commit the same mistakes over and over again because it looks like I never learn. I also can’t help but compare myself with my peers but I always need to remember that we have our own timelines and priorities. So push lang ng push.

My list of blogs to read is mostly about personal finance. I love reading about others’ personal finance journey, all encompassing – successes and failures. Also preferably, blogs of ordinary people who are not really in the finance field because I find them more inspiring. I am also in constant search of these types of bloggers. My other set of blog list is US personal finance and frugality bloggers.

I am amazed at how these bloggers openly share their actual finances. I wish I could do that too but I’m not really comfortable for my finances to go public, hence I only limit my personal finance stuff to seminars and the lessons I picked or noted during the sessions. This is easier because it’s just like sharing your notes to everyone in “class” a.k.a. in public. The most revealing I’ve shared to date would be my yearly financial goals, which started in 2014. But let’s see. Change is the only thing constant.

By the way, I use feedly mobile app to track/”follow” the blogs I read. Very simple and easy to use.