A week ago, one of my USBs got corrupted when I copied review materials from a friend. The USB contained the most recent version of my budget files which I updated the night before. While I had a backup of those files in April, I made significant changes to them in May. Plus, I also need the review materials and it’s quite challenging to schedule meet ups when all of us are busy hehe. I accepted it as a lost case until I came upon a blog post last night about how she was able to recover her files from her SD card. Toink! I forgot all about recovery software to think that I used one years ago when my digicam’s SD card got corrupted too. Toinks again!

The software she used was EaseUS. This morning, I tried my luck and was successful hooray! You need to download the executable file and install it in your PC. Then it’s ready to recover your files in 2 steps! You just follow the wizard. It’s that easy. Don’t forget to use Deep Scan if you still cannot find your files after the normal Scan option.

The free version allows you to recover up to 2GB. However, you have the option to get the pro version for an amount. Check here for the price list. They have an ongoing promo too. While the free version worked for me for now, I’d be willing to shell out an amount when faced with the same dilemma and when important documents are at stake, and when I’ve exhausted free versions of all recovery tools hehe.


EaseUs wizard

Hope this helps. Happy recovering!