April 18-24, 2016

Last Saturday, a friend and I went to BGC to check out the World Street Food Congress. There were a lot of interesting dishes from the different parts of the world. Everything looks delicious. However, there were a lot of people, the order and claim lines were long in almost all of the stalls, the heat was just so unforgivable (at least to us) and the prices are abit steep for our wallets hehehe. A 500 ml Wilkins water alone costs Php50.00 hehehe. The cheapest I’ve seen if I’m not mistaken, was Php180.00. Setting aside the price though, my friend and I were willing to at least try some of the food stalls. However, it got a little windy and dust was all around hehehe. So we got disappointed and decided to just leave the place.

From BGC, we went to S&R Shaw. We just missed going around the place and inspect each and every item hehehe. We also missed the pizza and chicken so we had our late lunch there. Most of my breakfast staples were also available and cheaper so did some grocery shopping. It’s just too tempting to shop there though, so shopping discipline is a must, otherwise, you’ll end up overspending.

I am a little restless these days because of a lot of things going on in my mind so I just stayed home on Sunday. I was about to go out in the evening but I remembered it was the 3rd and final debate of our presidential candidates so I opted to watch it instead. But politics is one that I am not that passoinate about. Let’s just say I already have my choices and I respect others’ choices. To each his own. Regardless of who wins, I will still continue to strive to be a good Filipino.

I also got hold of news in FB that my uncle in the US (my dad’s brother in law) already passed away. Hay. Nakakalungkot. May you rest in peace, uncle. While you are already gone, I know that you will continue looking after auntie. It’s time to party in heaven with all the other folks who went ahead of you. I’m sure they all welcomed you in style, I mean the Igorot way – dancing, gong playing, butchered pigs, and a merry feast! Til we meet again.