Her Bebe girl

I shared here the challenge I had with my niece and the resolution I had for the second semester. It has worked for both of us so far, although it’s sometimes inconvenient for me to go to the bank and pay monthly. But that allowed me to keep track of the payments I made. I thought I still had one more payment to make based on the total amount of her payables this semester. However, I learned that she got a 25% discount because she was a Dean’s lister last semester. While my only requirement for her was not to fail in any of her subjects, her achievement still made me happy and thankful.

I am glad I did not give up on her right away after the fiasco we had last semester. I am happy I took that second chance. I am not expecting anything from her. I just want her to have better opportunities in life so that she can eventually support herself and her daughter. I want her to be able to stand on her own and not be forever dependent on others. I don’t want her to be forever poor. I hope that she has learned her lesson last semester. I hope that she will stay challenged to continue working for a better life for her and her daughter.