March 14-20, 2016


So, while we were busy closing all the issues on a major project so that we can move on to the next stage, a teammate accidentally discovered that our system is running out of employee numbers in the 6 series. End result if we don’t fix this? Some will not be paid. While there is always the option to go manual, it’s complicated and will have more room for human errors when you’re in a BPO where operations is 24 hours. Given this, we need to implement the fix in one month or less…or else….hahaha. Kaya ‘to. Join forces lang at kulit kulit lang sa mga testers para bilisan nila.

On another note, the March birthday celebrants and those newly hired (for their first blood) treated the team to buffet dinner at Don Day. Busog lusog for everyone hehehe.

Living Quarters

Unfortunately, the pechay I planted did not survive sniff sniff sniff :(. Maybe it’s the weather and my limited location. My aunt said it would have been better if they get the morning sunshine. Mine gets the afternoon sunshine eh. The soil may be another factor. Not too fertile. I’ll make some compost first this summer so that it gets fertilized. I’ll try to plant again during the rainy season when the heat is more forgiving.


We were supposed to visit Pinto Museum but had to postpone for some other time. My friend is going through a rough time and does not feel like going out. So, instead, I just treated her to a buffet dinner at Seven Corners at Crown Plaza Manila Galleria. Lamon pa more hehehe. Plus, there’s a 50% off on your birth month if you pay using your BDO credit card. But I think that’s just if there are 2 of you eating. It’s a different discount (I think) if there’s 3 or more. The information is in BDO’s site.

It’s Palm Sunday today, the official start of the Holy Week. Just attended the mass this morning.


NatioalFoodFairDropped by SM Megamall for some errands. Also checked out the National Food Fair at the Mega Trade Hall. All regions in the entire country are represented. Most stalls have free taste hehehe. It’s always good to see entrepreneurs showcase their products. I’m amazed at their entrepreneurial skills for them to be able to come up with a unique product that can be showcased in events such as this. I always wonder where my entrepreneurial sense is every time I see events such as this hehe. Hopefully, the DTI do these types of things more frequently. Or maybe they do, I’m just not updated.

I also wanted to buy some of the products but I had to control myself because I’ll be out most days of next week so I’ll be turning off my ref.

That’s it pansit! I’m excited to go home this Holy Week. Time to bond again with the nieces. No outing. Maybe just a picnic at Burnham on Easter Sunday but we’ll see. I’ll just stay home for the rest of the break.

Got to go for now. I’m watching he PiliPinas Debates 2016 via live streaming. It’s entertaining but I also cringe sometimes at some of the answers.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.