March 7-13, 2016

It was a bit stressful last week but we got by so still good in general. Some of my timelines were affected though so need to strategize on those this week.

Living Quarters
I was expecting Sky Cable last Saturday to disconnect my line and get the digibox. I waited until 6 PM but no one came. Need to follow up again. Kaloka sila.

One word-hectic. Hehe. But all good.

We attended the Financial Wellness seminar last Saturday sponsored by BDO. I learned new things, and some of my personal thoughts were validated. More on this in another post.

We also watched Les Miserables on Saturday night. Those actors and actresses must be so talented, skilled and focused to be able to memorize everything, act, sing and set up their props real time. While I have watched the movie in the past, seeing the play on stage was a totally different experience worth spending time and money for. It was a night to remember.

On Sunday, we were supposed to visit the National Museum. Oh wait, we were already there at around 2 PM. However, the line was a little bit long and slow moving and the sun was so unforgiving emitting so much heat. We just aborted the plan and decided to visit another time but ensuring that we go there early the next time around.

From National Museum, we went to Rustan’s to avail of Wacoal’s promo and a little window shopping for luggage.

Went home earlier than usual as I still had to attend the mass at 6PM and should be home before 8PM for my massage.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.