February 1-7, 2016


I mentioned in my weekly recap last week about our annual performance evaluation. Well, early this week, my boss got the results of my 360 feedback from my colleagues and it was higher than what I expected. Thanks, teammates hehe. While it does not translate to anything monetary, I’m glad that I’m slowly getting back to my old self, back when I was so driven at work despite all negative issues. I’ve lost a bit of passion to work in the last 3 years because of all the adjustments we had to go through as a family after losing our parents less than 2 years apart. But life goes on and I should move forward.

For the new project, we already had a kickoff last Monday. Looks promising but there are a lot of things to document. I should start creating the project schedule for this so as not to affect my other tasks. I’m excited.

And since I anticipate a lot of calls for this project, I requested my boss to get me a paid subscription of Zoom. She already got the approval from her boss so yey! I thought it would be that expensive but no, it’s around $10/month and they are lowering it to $7/month daw in the future. While the basic allows for 40 minutes of uninterrupted video call, it’s a hassle to have to reconnect again after your first 40 minutes is over.

Their documents are also created in higher versions of Visio. I only found out when I attempted opening their documents that mine is 2010 even if I requested for 2013. I know we have spare licenses for that. I don’t get it why they are still installing 2010, worse 2007! It’s a hassle to be saving documents in lower version just so everyone can access the file. Or better yet, everyone should always be in the same version!

As for the old project, I’m changing my approach now and I’m trying to be more encouraging to the team members for us to try our best to complete the tasks so that we can already deploy this year and everybody can move on! It’s taking us too long. Another year would be torture.

Living Quarters

Finally, my small Christmas tree is back in its storage box (yep, did that just last weekend) and the few gifts opened and sorted out hehehe. I also found few pieces to give to my friend, in exchange of shoes she’s giving away. I took the shoes for people back home who would like to wear it.Weekend

Now, this I’m glad happened before I knew it. I don’t know what happened but at the start of the week, I was so moody that even my colleagues noticed it hahaha. I was glad that by Friday, it was over. And, a friend and I planned to do a movie marathon on Saturday night, which we did, extending even up until Sunday. We finished 5 movies, all of which we’ve watched in the past.My friend brought over ingredients for our shabu-shabu, while I had the chance to drop by S&R Shaw on Friday night for some chips, popcorn and a bottle of wine. The bottle of wine was gone in less than an hour, in one sitting hahaha. Sarap eh.

Because of the movie marathon, I discovered that my player cannot play MP4. I tried changing it to avi and Windows Player was able to read it but my player still won’t. So I guess I need to convert everything now huhu.And, oh, it was a no spend weekend. My wallet and I are happy hehehe.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.