NOTE: This has been in my Drafts for the longest time. I’m not sure why I have not posted it before even if the content is already complete. I’ll just post it anyway, even if this happened months ago.


I was invited by a friend to join her and her friends on their trip to Tuguegarao, Cagayan. Since, I was just invited, I was not active in the preparation of the itinerary hehe. Sometimes, it’s good to just go with the flow and not be concerned with ITs hehe. And with that, I’d just like to share the expenses I incurred during the trip.

Travel Dates: September 4-7, 2015

Summary of the itinerary:
  • Day 0 (September 4): Travel to Cagayan via Victory Liner. Left Manila 11:30 PM and arrived in Tuguegarao at around 12 PM the next day. What a long trip hehe. Sakit sa pwet.
  • Day 1 (September 5): after checking in at Balai Bed and Breakfast, we started with the city tour
    • Saints Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral
    • Callao Caves in Penablanca: We left at around 3 PM and it was a 45-minute tricycle ride. When we reached the registration area, it rained. We had to wait for a while that when it finally stopped, the lights at the cave were already closed and we were the last batch they accommodated.
    • Buntun Bridge: original plan was to watch the sunset here but it was already night time when we got back to Tuguegarao City
    • Dinner at Jasmine-Jomars: ordered pancit batil patung, Cagayan’s famous pancit. Busog sarap, busog lusog :D.
  • Day 2 (September 6): checked out at Balai Bed and Breakfast and proceeded to Sta. Ana
    • Travel to Sta. Ana. around 3 hours. Another long trip via non-aircon van.
    • Check in at E.F. Costales Lodge (with free breakfast)
    • Palaui Island tour. We bought packed lunch from a karinderya. We also had dinner at the same karinderya. The owner the suggested that we also visit Nangaramoan the next day and so our next day was…
  • Day 3 (September 7)
    • Left for Nangaramoan as early as 6 AM so that we can stay at the beach longer. We asked the lodge owner to just pack our breakfast and we’ll eat it at the beach. It was low tide when we got there so we just walked to as close to the waves as we can. After maybe an hour, some parts near the shore were deeper so we went for a dip before leaving wtih heavy hearts hahaha. Bitin na bitin eh.
    • Packed our things, checked out, went to the market of Sta. Ana for lunch. We chose to eat at the Dampa where we feasted on prawns and vegetables. Busog lusog. Burp!
    • Left Sta. Ana by 2PM and we asked the driver to drop us off at the Victory Liner terminal. We were just in time to be able to secure tickets for the 6PM trip back to Manila.
    • Since we did not have time, we just bought some goodies at the bus stops.

Entayo Agpasyar Idiay Cagayan

Date Expense Group Cost Cost/Pax
4-Sep-15 Fare to Cagayan via Victory Liner Kamias 650.00
5-Sep-15 Restroom 10.00
Water 20.00
Breakfast 30.00
Lunch 160.00
Water 16.00
Rest of Day 1 expenses (mostly fares and group meals) 350.00
Mercury Drug 45.00
6-Sep-15 Accommodations + other expenses in Sta. Ana c/o Jo 1,189.00
Fares + entrance fees + meals c/o Jen 96.00
Fares + entrance fees + meals c/o Rona 130.00
Coke + halo-halo 65.00
Restroom 5.00
7-Sep-15 Tricycle to Nangaramoan (2-way) 150.00
Cottage – Nangaramoan 200.00 40.00
Tricycle to bayan 20.00
Lunch 400.00
Van to Tuguegarao 252.00
Fare to Manila 650.00
Goodies bought at the bus stop 410.00
8-Sep-15 Taxi to apartment (split with buddies) 300.00 100.00
Grand Total
Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.