Update on my goals for January 2016:
  1. 10,000 steps a day or a total of 310,000 steps for the month – FAILED (Had to prioritize getting better as I got sick at the start of the year)
  2. Kick off C25K training. Target 3rd or 4th week of January, in the hopes that my cough and colds will be gone by then. It sucks to be sick at the start of the year, but grateful that it’s not something serious. –FAILED (Because of weekend travels over the last 4 weeks, getting better took longer than expected)
  3. Cut-off cable subscription. I seldom watch TV nowadays, plus I bought a TV Plus from a colleague last year and a DVD player, so that should be enough. – QUITE (Already sent a request. Sky Cable’s hotline sucks. No one’s answering. Let’s see if my email gets a reply.)
  4. Read one non-romance book – SUCCESS! (Read Stock Smarts – Stock Investing Made Easy)
  5. Complete The Project Management: The Basics for Success course at Coursera.org and pass the weekly exams – FAILED (Too many things going on on and off work. I want to do this when things have settled down so that I would have full focus on it)
  6. Meet with insurance agent to process update of insurance details – FAILED (Too many things going on. I have to make a decision on one of my policies, but not until I do some computations.)
What happened with the first month?! Gone by too fast and I failed in most hehe. Well, February is here for another chance.