What?! Second month of the year already? And after this comes my birth month again? Tatanda na naman?! Can we have a pause button for a while? Hehe. 
For February 2016:
  1. 10,000 steps a day or a total of 290,000 steps for the month
  2. Kick off C25K training
  3. Cut-off cable subscription. I seldom watch TV nowadays, plus I bought a TV Plus from a colleague last year and a DVD player, so that should be enough.
  4. Read one non-romance book
  5. Complete The Project Management: The Basics for Success course at Coursera.org and pass the weekly exams
  6. Meet with insurance agent to process update of insurance details
  7. Plant pechay
  8. Get back to the daily bible readings
Will update by end of this month.