January 25-31, 2016


The vendor did not show up last Friday as agreed. Hay naku. Sometimes I really feel that I failed big time in this project. Kainis. But well. Kulit pa more na lang until I’m off with this project. Can’t wait for that time.

It’s performance evaluation time again. I don’t know what it is for, given that they’ve revised the merit increase program years ago haha. Anyway, I had mine last Friday with the boss. Lighter than expected. There is one area that I’m always failing yearly hahaha. Will need to do something about that. I don’t have my final grade yet because some feedback from colleagues were not yet available. Anyway, no worries.

The boss asked if I want to handle another project. I was hesitant at first because based from the email, they need someone to work on the UI (user interface). I am not blessed with artistic skills so I really stay away from such tasks hehehe. But upon clarification, it’s not UI per se so I said yes. And on Friday night, my boss’s boss sent calendar invites for the kick off this week. Aba’y ganon pala kabilis yun eh. Hahaha. Let’s see what happens next week.

I need a new project to work on this year to get things more exciting. I’m too tired of the current project I have because we have been working on it for 3 years already, fourth this year. Everyone’s just tired about it but I still try to push them to complete the tasks so that we can deploy in Q3 and it will be off our backs. Push pa more.

Lastly, we have filled out the complete headcount for our team. At least, no more immersions to prepare and conduct, until another new hire is needed. But whew for now. For January alone, I had to immerse two teammates separately because they started 2 or 3 weeks apart.

Living Quarters

I was able to set up the TV Plus and the DVD player mid last week. Success! No need for cable now. I bought a DVD player last December because my 2 friends had a sleepover at my place for our get together and one of our agenda was to do a movie marathon. But of course, catching up with each other’s lives took place, the DVD player forgotten, and still in its box until mid week hehehe.


After 4 consecutive weekends of going home to Baguio, I was able to stay in Manila last weekend. And what did I do? BUM.ALL.DAY. If it weren’t for my hunger, I could have holed up in the apartment the entire time. But since I did not have any food, except for oatmeal, I had to go out on Saturday night for dinner. And might as well maximize the time so I also did a little grocery shopping at Pioneer Center, where it’s cheaper as per feedback of people frequenting the place. And I guess it’s true for most of the items I have purchased. I kept the receipt so that I can compare it the next time I visit another mall/grocery.

Aside from that, I also had dinner at The Breakfast Club. I guess it’s new since I haven’t seen this last year. I ordered pork asado. However, I did not like it because a) it’s too salty for my taste but maybe it’s just me, b) the meat is not tender (or soft…pardon the lack of terms. I’m not a food blogger so I don’t know the right descriptions hehe) and c) I think the price is too expensive for such simple dish.

Sunday is another bum day the whole day. By late afternoon, I tried checking a friend who lived nearby if she wanted to go to mass together. She said yes, and we agreed to have dinner after. We decided to try one of the many choices in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Our first choice was The Round Table, however, they are fully booked so we just walked along East Capitol Drive to check out where we can possibly eat.

We’ve passed by Lia’s Cakes. I saw good reviews about this shop as well, especially their avocado cake so I grabbed the chance to buy a slice. I loved it. Will go back to try some of their other flavors.


Mahilig magpicture ang friend ko gamit ang phone ko :p

Walked some more until we reached Milky and Sunny. I have already eaten at this place before where another friend and I enjoyed their pancakes (we went there for breakfast)! So when this other friend said she wanted to try it, I was fine with it…as long as there’s rice in the menu, which of course they have. This time I ordered chicken and pork adobo. The flavor is good but again, it’s too salty for my taste. Two salty dishes in one weekend, at different shops. Maybe it’s my taste buds? But I enjoyed my dinner still. Who wouldn’t with the cozy place?

To cap the week, I requested for a home service massage. Good thing, the one that usually services our area has an available slot so I grabbed the chance. Pero ang totoo nyan, nainggit ako sa isang kaibigan ko nung nagtext syang magpapamassage daw muna sya hehehe.

That’s it. I hope you all had a great week.