January 18-24, 2016

The vendor did not make it last week and requested for a schedule this January 25. I don’t get why they’re having a hard time doing the customizations we’ve requested when they’ve done it before with their older version. Anyway…

The new laptop caused me at least 2 almost sleepless nights. The Office subscription assigned to us cannot be installed within our network so I had to bring it home and install it using my internet connection at home. And then, my connection decided to be at its slowest during that time so it took longer than usual for the job to complete. But everything’s set now and I’m getting used to the new one. Thanks, boss uli.

Last January 21, we got together as a family for our father’s first death anniversary. It was just a small gathering with our cousins on our father’s side. We lighted candles for both of them and offered prayers. On Sunday, we requested for a special intention for the repose of his soul during mass.

My first grandchild (from my eldest niece, my sister’s daughter) also came to visit. So she and my other niece played all day on Saturday and early Sunday, together with some of their cousins. The house was filled with children’s noise again. Saya-saya.

Last Sunday, my aunt also asked me to accompany her to the wake of her husband’s relative. I’ll share the story in another post. Medyo mahaba hehe.

Baguio Weather
It’s getting colder! But it was still colder same time last year. I remember during my father’s wake that I had to wear at least 2 jackets on top of a shirt kasi sobrang ginaw. Ngayon, kaya pang no jacket during daytime. It will still get colder in February, but it will become warmer by March.

Future Trips Home
It’s taking longer now to stay in line as a chance passenger. Meaning, a lot of people are again going up to Baguio. I’m sure a lot more will go up especially that Panagbenga is just around the corner. And while I’d like to go home as often as I want, di ko kaya ang weekly hehehe. Nakakapagod sa byahe sa totoo lang hehehe. So, maybe my next trip home would be on the Holy Week na, unless there’s a need to go home on other days. We’ll see. For now, I’m just glad that this weekend will just be spent in the apartment hahaha!