January 11-17, 2016


Unfortunately, the vendor cancelled the testing which was scheduled last Wednesday. He :psaid he needed more time to test it thoroughly before handing it over to me. Huwell. Haist. Hope to here from him this week.

My boss told me that I can switch my laptop with the new one and the one I’m using will be assigned to the newbie. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to finally let go of Lenovo for HP (arte ko, clingy pa 😛 ) plus I was thinking of all the hassles of setting up the new machine again. But what the heck, haha. New year, new toy it is. Plus, I remember that the HP has longer battery life than the Lenovo so go for it! Thanks, boss! 🙂

Friend’s Wedding


Forever friends

Finally, my friend got hitched last January 16! Woohoo!!!! If there is one thing that I want to be perfect in my own wedding, it would be the ceremony at church. Luckily, my friend had that. It was a solemn one. I also love their priest. He was a colleague of my friend before he became a priest. It’s really different when your priest knows at least one of you personally. He was very prepared with his sermon and he was smiling the whole time. I can feel that he is happy for his friend.

Also, while most of the groom’s side have different religions, there was respect for the chosen ceremony. Everyone was just in support of the bride and groom. That should be the case. No matter what we believe in, it should not divide us.

Food was abundant to feed all the visitors. There were a few leftover so I guess no one went home hungry.

My friend called me during the catching of the bouquet. I obliged but just stood there hahaha. In my mind, if it lands on me, then fine. If not, then still fine hahaha. No pressure 😛 .

What I didn’t like, and similar to my friend’s disappointment as well, was that the caterer did not maximize the space at the reception. Their reception was in a closed gym but there were still a lot of spaces which could have been used for tables and chairs so that fewer sat on the benches. Oh well.

There was another reception at my friend’s residence at night but I begged off since I was already sleepy in the afternoon and beginning to have a headache. Plus I wanted to spend sometime with the nieces.

Saturday afternoon with the nieces

I am taking advantage of my frequent trips to Baguio to spend time with my nieces. The little one already lost her first tooth. I didn’t even know last week that she was starting to have lose tooth haha.


Baliw-baliwan and a lost tooth

They also invaded my phone without me knowing it. Nagulat na lang ako ang dami nilang selfies and short videos sa phone ko. I will keep those and show it to them, especially the little one, when they are older. Hahaha. I can’t wait to see their reactions then. Baliw-baliwan ang mga peg nila sa pictures and videos nila eh hehehehe.


Phone invaders!

Sunday with the BF

Fortunately, the BF did not have to go out for work so we spent most of the day in their office. He cooked lunch, which also served as our dinner. Home-cooked food for a change, salamat! And good to know he can cook…because I can’t hahaha. At least, we won’t go hungry :p. I stayed in their office until it was time for him to go home and time for me to travel back. From time to time, people who I knew from childhood, aka, my parents’ kaberks would drop by, and it was good to see familiar faces, over and over again 🙂 .

Travelling Back

This time, I decided to try traveling later than usual. Pero as always, blockbuster uli sa Victory. Finally, after 2 hours of waiting in line, there was one vacant seat for the Pasay bound bus pero sa pinakalikod na pinakagitna, yung pag biglang preno at di ka nakakapit sa headrest ng katabi mo eh tilapon ka na sa aisle hahaha. Pinatos ko na rin at diniskartehan na lang ang pagkapit hahaha Luckily, the bus passed by TPLEX then SCTEX so the travel time until we reached Balintawak was only 4 hours! Amazing! More TPLEX-SCTEX routes please, Victory.