January 4-10, 2016

Holidays are finally over and while I miss the family, it’s also good to be back to my reality as an adult haha. Seriously, my social life (or the lack of it most of the time) needs a break. Nakakapagod din kaya hehe.

Anyway, I was hoping to already test a system done by a vendor during the first work week of the year, however, the customization I have requested was not done yet so I asked the vendor to do it first before my testing. I don’t want to repeat testing once he’s able to migrate. While he assured me that it would still be the same once they migrate after my testing, I want a fully functional final version to test still. Hopefully, everything’s in order when we meet this week.

I got sick from too much travelling during the holidays so I had to go on sick leave middle of last week to rest. While my cough and colds are manageable, I don’t want to further aggravate it with too much exposure to pollution. I also doubled my dose of Vitamin C. I will be going home every weekend until the 22nd of January so being sick is not an option hehe.

Speaking of going home, last January 3, I was supposed to fit the dress I’ll wear for a friend’s wedding on January 16. However, it was still not available, hence the need to go home last weekend. Unfortunately, the shop would still have to adjust things. I am crossing my fingers that it will turn out ok. Kung hindi, idadaan ko na lang sa confidence hahaha! Pero susko talaga.

I asked my 12-year old niece if she would like to go out with me last weekend. She declined!!! I even bribed her with her favorite food. Ayaw pa rin! Huhuhu! I was a little hurt and confused because she was clingy and she likes going out with me when she was younger. She said she was doing a project. In my mind, she can still do it on Sunday but I did not press further hehe. Pero hay, tumatanda na talaga sya. Di na clingy kay tita. Huhuhu ulit. Buti na lang meron pa akong isang maliit na pamangkin. I asked the 6-year old if she would like to come. Of course, eto lakwatserang tunay so yes agad at di pa man ako nakakaligo, aba, bihis na bihis na sya hehehe.


My clingy niece

My tita was also in town so she asked that we meet up para daw mapakain ko sya haha. Keri lang basta sa mura lang hahaha. Sa medyo mahal pa yung request nya nung una but since ubos na ubos na ang spending money ko last holiday, tipid mode na uli ako today. We ate at Cathy’s fastfood, one of the local restaurants in Baguio and moved to Vizco’s for dessert. So ayun, di ko naman sila tinipid masyado hehehe.


Strawberry shortcake!

A friend, who I last saw during my dad’s wake in January 2015, also met up with us after her class. She was with her little girl so my niece found a new playmate. Nagkakahiyaan nung una pero after a few minutes, ok na sila hehe.


New friends

My nieces slept with me on Saturday night. We also played in the morning until the time I need to get ready to leave again. Her clingy self kicked in for a while when she requested me to just travel back on Monday morning. Kung pwede lang eh. But I also need to rest before another work week.

On Sunday, I just attended mass and went straight to the terminal. I knew Victory Liner will be jam-packed again so I decided to try other buses. My first option was full so I resorted to riding another bus line. Suffice it to say that I got stressed with the travel so never again with that bus hehehe. I would rather fall in line for hours to have a comfortable travel rather than ride right away but endure the next 7 hours of a stressful travel.