joycekulitIn December 2014 during a phone conversation, I kidded my then 5 year old niece to come with me to Tagaytay and we’ll spend Christmas at my brother’s place. Few hours after that call, my sister informed me that my niece was crying and she was waiting for me to fetch her so that we could go to Tagaytay. Patay! To appease her, I promised her that I’ll just bring her to Tagaytay in December 2015 so that at least she’ll be a year older by then. At hindi na sya ganon kahirap bantayan hehehe. Also, I need to save up first and she also needs to do the same. She agreed and she never forgot.

Funny story related to that. After our father’s burial in January 2015, we opened the donation box to account all gifts. The money was spread on the floor. Suddenly, my niece said, “Mommy, adu nga kwarta. Mangala ka pang-Tagaytay tayo.” (Mommy, there’s a lot of money. Get some for our Tagaytay trip). Hehehe. Matandain ang bata. Kahit sumisenti kami sa pagkawala ng tatay namin, napatawa kaming lahat sa hirit nya.

And all throughout 2015, she would often ask me once in a while about our Tagaytay trip. I always assured her that yes, it was still a plan but she should do well in school before I make it final.

Hence, it was keeping up with a promise for this little girl in 2015. While I learned my lesson the expensive way, I’m glad I was able to keep up with that promise. At least, now I know. I’ll be careful with my jokes especially with that niece next time. And no regrets as I had a blast. We all had a blast!