Update on my goals for December 2015.
  1. 10,000 steps a day or total of 310,000 steps for the month – SUCCESS! (101.94% completion and it was really a conscious effort to complete the 10K steps per day)
  2. Read 2 books (at least 1 non-romance book) – FAILED (Read 2 books but both romance hehehe)
  3. Maximum of 15 Uber rides – FAILED (Exceeded by 1 ride, and partly glad that the holidays are over as there are no more frequent and exceedingly high surcharges!)
  4. Declutter clothes cabinet – SUCCESS! (Will do this again after 6 months to purge more)
  5. Review 2015 financial goals – FAILED (Medyo scared because this will entail going back to one of the saddest events in my life last year, but will eventually do it later)
  6. Prepare 2016 financial and non-financial goals – QUITE (Would need to revisit the list)
  7. Draft a simple plan for an online shop – FAILED (Was always on the go last holiday break and did not have the chance to sit down and think through but I’m not complaining :))
  8. Cover the books – SUCCESS! (All boxed. Question now is…how to bring them home? Courier is too expensive so for now, I’ll try to carry as much as I can every time I go home)
  9. Complete The Project Management: The Basics for Success course at Coursera.org and pass the weekly exams – FAILED (Holiday activities prevailed :p. Lesson learned…will not set these types of activities during the holiday break)
  10. Clean the yard at the Sayote Kingdom – QUITE (Still not done. Will try to continue in the next three weekends that I will be going home for some errands)