Update on my goals for November 2015 (November went by so quickly!)
  1. 10,000 steps a day or total of 300,000 steps for the month – FAILED (92.99% completed, an improvement from October’s 81.15%)
  2. Read 2 books (at least 1 non-romance book) – FAILED (read 2 books but both romance hehehe)
  3. Maximum of 15 Uber rides (applicable both for going to work and going home from work/grocery) – SUCCESS!
  4. Cover the books – FAILED (Ran out of plastic cover. Few more pieces to go)
  5. Declutter book shelf – SUCCESS! (All books and magazines to be brought home already in a box. Thinking of the cheapest way to bring them home hehehe)
  6. Complete The Project Management: The Basics for Success course at Coursera.org and pass the weekly exams – FAILED (Will complete it this December)
  7. Attend a seminar on personal finance – SUCCESS! (Attended the Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis webinars offered by PSE scheduled last November 6 and 13, 2015)
  8. Start planning for December calendar (non-work related events to attend to, not that there’s a lot but I just want to ensure that I do/accept those that are relevant to me) – QUITE (While I would like to stick to the 2 events I’ve committed to date, there may be other events that I need to attend. As of now, I have to decline an invite to a friend’s wedding because of conflicts in schedule with family affairs.)
  9. Clean the yard at the Sayote Kingdom – QUITE (Was able to start during the APEC holidays but not enough free hours to finish it all. Will continue this December)
Still many reds than greens but it’s okay. At least there are still green items.