questionnaireWhile searching for an email that I knew I sent 2 years ago, I came across another email from a colleague, asking me to answer a questionnaire for her niece’s school requirement. Mid this year, I also learned that my friend from another team hired someone and mentioned that she is the niece of that colleague. I then asked my colleague if that niece who was in school before is the same niece who is now working for the same company as ours. He said yes. Small world. And happy for her because she was able to find a job that’s related to her course after college :).

And I just had to look for that questionnaire I answered 2 years ago because I honestly can’t remember what my answers were. Baka pala nagkalat ako non hahaha! Pero buti na lang hindi because I take these seriously…as in kinakarir ko ang pagsagot. Here’s the last question of that questionnaire and my answers (emphasis on the s haha!).

Question: As Information Technology students, what advice or tips can you give us in building a good and proper attitude towards becoming a Systems Analyst?

  • Analytical thinking is critical
  • You should have at least a basic understanding of the concepts of development. Know the difference between web and client apps. Which one is appropriate for what problem?
  • At the very least, you should know about databases.
  • You are between your client and the developers. Learn how to speak both languages. You will often find yourself explaining to clients how a system works. A hardcore programmer will always be technical when doing explanations making your client more confused. You as the analyst, should be able to translate technical jargon to simple English that your clients can understand.
  • Do not assume. Always ask the client. Validate and re-validate some more. Ensure that you are both in the same page.
  • You should be not afraid of dealing with people. If you want to become an analyst but you are too shy, work on your shyness. There will be a lot of people interaction.
  • Always know how and when to ask the right questions. There are several ways of getting requirements. Make Google your friend :).
  • Know when to be firm, when to meet halfway with the client or when to give them what they think they need. Be their devil’s advocate if you think they are not on the right track.
  • Always remember that whatever solutions you provide, it should always be aligned with the company objectives. At the end of the day, higher management will just care about its financials. They are willing to invest as long as they see a return on investment over the course. Hence, as the systems analyst who recommends solutions, your solutions should contribute to what’s important to management.

Now that I read it again, parang mali ata sagot ko kasi attitude ang tanong nila pero skills ang mga sinabi ko hahahaha! Huwell, anyway, ayan, graduate naman na so keri na rin siguro hahaha. Koloka!

Update: According to my colleague’s niece, she got a high grade on that project. Good to know haha!

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