zero-defectsI got news tonight that our internal client was happy with the outcome of the system that we implemented recently. And I was a little surprised to hear that from her knowing that it’s not really her nature to give such kinds of feedback. Specifically, she and her were team happy and surprised that there were no findings during their user acceptance testing.

I’m happy to learn that the team’s hard work paid off, especially so that it was not a bed of roses during the journey. We were not able to meet the original timeline that we committed to our clients due to multiple projects being handled by the same resources, hence causing some delays in the completion of tasks prior their testing. I have underestimated the timeline for my own testing. It took me longer than my estimate. My findings were showstoppers so I had to wait for the Dev team to resolve the issues.

The moment I was not provided with the test site on the day that I should start my testing, I knew there was a chance we can’t make it to the deadline. When I was finally able to do a quick test of the basic functionalities of the system and got major findings, I knew we really will be delayed. I toyed with the idea of just handing over a buggy system to them just so we won’t be tagged as delayed. However, my other self, who have always believed that we can have a bug-free system by doing thorough testing, was against my initial idea. My other self won. And so I talked to the client’s team member working with us, told her that we were not going to make it to the original timeline, presented a new timeline based on where we were at that time and silently prayed that she would just accept the fact that we were delayed and agree to the new timeline. She was ok with it. One down. Composed another email to be sent to the project owner, project manager, and my boss, again with a silent prayer that they won’t have any violent reactions. I must be lucky that day because I did not recieve any replies from them haha.

So off we went with the client’s testing, and while they were doing theirs, I still continued with my own because while I was more confident with the finished product that we handed over for their testing, I still wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything. Good thing that I did beacuase I had one more finding and it happened prior them testing that specific module. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have zero defect haha.

We were delayed for 4 days and a delay is still a delay no matter how short or long it is. So you see, I really can’t help but be surprised with the news. But thank you anyway.

On the other hand, I’m happy to have made that decision to accept the delay even if at the time, I did not feel good about it at all and has caused me too much stress. With this experience, I learned that it’s better to just face the music head on and just be transparent about things. However, as a note to myself, delays should only be because of valid and acceptable reasons. This way, everybody happy. 🙂  Cheers!

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