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Thirteen years ago, I was convinced by an agent to get an insurance. Back then, all my batch mates were getting one for themselves. Besides, one batch mate was friends with the agent (he was the husband of the batch mate’s officemate). And because everyone was getting, and the agent prepared several proposals for me based on my budget then, plus I already had some hindsight that eventually, I’ll have to support my parents, I also decided to get one. However, I had very limited knowledge on how insurance works and personal finance in general. I know, I know. I should not be getting into something that I don’t fully understand but…I was young and gullible hehehe.

Anyway, with the thick documentation given to me and all that was written in it, what stuck in my mind was the possibility of my policy being fully paid up on the 13th year, given some conditions (like dividends have not been withdrawn). So earlier today, I just took the chance to ask my new agent’s secretary. Guess what? As per the company’s records, my policy is estimated to be fully paid up by January 3, 2016! Yay!!!! Clap clap clap! She emphasized “estimated” and they will check again in December but I’m crossing my fingers that it will still be the case. While the monthly amount I set aside for this policy is not that substantial, it would still be a big help especially now that there is a new item I need to save up for. So, I’m claiming that this policy will be fully paid up by January 3, 2016!  😉