Thoughts of doing online gigs have been swirling in my mind lately. I can’t help but imagine myself transitioning from a corporate adventurer to a work at home diva sometime in the future. To push things further, I just saw a blog sharing about a Work at Home (WAH) Expo 2015 happening this weekend haha.

And if ever I want to go that route, I think I need to somehow build an online presence. So, I have decided to make more effort in updating this blog at least once or twice a week hehe. It might be quite a challenge because most days are just work and home for me but let’s see. Maybe I would eventually be inspired to inject some other activities in between hehe. However, I would still like to keep it personal so that I won’t be pressured to write or share things that I’m not comfortable about sharing. Let’s see how far this goes. And since it is still a personal blog, it will contain different topics. I don’t think I am ready to shift to a niche blog just yet.

Happy Thursday!