It’s official. My eldest niece is now an OFW. She left for the Middle East last June 20. It was a tough decision for her given that she had to leave behind her 4 year old kid. While her flight’s date was nearing, her deep breaths were becoming frequent as well. I always kid her that there was still time to back out (when she didn’t yet sign any contract) but she would always firmly say that she will push through with her plans. For her, backing out is not an option after all the things that she went through during her application. But I also gently remind her that I believe it was the right opportunity for her.

Background, her first option was Malaysia (as per my recommendation, because it’s nearer and maybe I can visit her there when time and budget permits). However, during their orientation, they were informed that cellphones are not allowed in Malaysia for the first 6 months, worse, not at all. She didn’t like it. I didn’t like it too so she immediately switched to Middle East. From there, it was a smooth processing for her until she signed her contract. A friend also asked her if she was interested in Hong Kong but then she already signed her contract when that friend contacted her. So, to me, those were signs that she’s on the right track.

I must say she’s brave and tough. She lives in the boondocks, and it was literally her first time in Manila but I left her on her own. All I did was fetch her at the bus terminal when she arrived, and accompanied her to where she will meet up with other applicants who will bring her to their agency’s staff house. She stayed there for a few nights, after which, she stayed with me while waiting for the results. I just fetched her again at the MRT station. If she had to go someplace other than her agency, we just rely on Google for maps and directions or vague instructions from me like go to EDSA, ride an Ayala-bound bus, ask the driver to drop you off at this so and so place hehe. I’m so helpful, I know! But she survived so yeah, good for her. After a week, she said that it was easy to navigate Manila, contrary to what first timers thought and feared. Yabang ‘no? Hahaha!

Anyway, she’s already there. There’s another interesting story upon her arrival but that will be in another blog post.