Happy new year!

My 2015 will still be focused on improving my financial status, hence saving as much as I can. And so, here are my goals.

  1. Complete safety fund (6 months’ worth) by June 2015.
    2. Religiously pay SK LU. 18 months to go!
    3. Save a total of Php 61,500 by end of the year for lot processing/housing fund
    4. Maintain 2k/month allocation for BDO EIP until June. Increase to 5k/month by July.
    5. Increase MF to 20k
    6. Add 10-20k in stock market
    7. Save a total of Php 40K for continuation of house construction
    8. Attend at least 2 financial seminars.
    9. Allocate a daily allowance and put all extra in a jar. This will be used for wants.
    10. Continue donation for church construction in my hometown where my mom was active on her last few months with us
    11. Set aside a Tulong fund for those unexpected expenses. I have been getting surprise requests since my mom died and it screws up my budget and stresses me out most of the time (all my income down to the last centavo is allocated to something so I really don’t have any extra fund which I can let go of anytime). Might as well be ready for things like this.
    12. Start saving for an international travel (planning to do backpacking in Europe as a graduation gift for myself when I complete the MTM program). Will initially set aside 2k/month for this.

Will update by mid-year on my status.