Final exam submitted! It’s officially semestral break for me. I’m so glad the sem is over! Too many requirements to complete to think that I only took 2 subjects this sem. I can’t imagine if there were 3. Anyway, no matter how toxic it was, there were relevant lessons learned so that is something to be thankful for.

One subject I took was on Legal Aspects of Technology Management. And yes, this deals with all the laws around Intellectual Property, taught by a lawyer, the same one who established the IPO in the Philippines. I was intimidated at first but turned out she’s cool and so I immensely enjoyed her class despite all the legal jargons! So much so that my evaluation of her contains this: “She is well-versed and very passionate of her field. She shares true stories to relate to the topics so it becomes easier to understand the lesson, especially for someone who doesn’t have Law background. Thank you, Ma’am! Ma-mimiss ko ang mga totoong chismis mo! At ang pagtawag mo sa amin ng “children” especially if we are too focused about being great and seem to forget other essentials in life. :)”