The event: midterm exam for Technology Marketing and Commercialization
Scope: Chapters 1-9 of the reference book
Study strategies:

  • Read the book and the prof’s presentation slides
  • Write down notes (do not encode) for better memory retention
  • Reduce sleeping hours to study longer

Next scenes: exam proper.

Prof lets us place our things in front, hands over the exam questions and gives the go signal that we can start.

Me: read the instructions, then the questions. Stared at it, read again, stared-read. Repeat for 10 minutes (or more). Take deep breaths while in my head I’m already screaming “anong sagot sa mga ito?”. Heart starts to beat faster (because I don’t know the freakin’ answer to the questions!!!!). Me doing pep talk with myself to calm down as I try to recall the possible answers to the questions. Pampalubag loob. There were at least 2 questions that I’m sure of the answer. But, these are just 2 questions out of the 7 so it’s not even 50% yet!

After an hour: I was already tempted to submit my paper because what’s the point? I don’t know what else to write hahaha! But then, I stayed a little longer and tried harder to recall our other topics.

After 2.5 hours: I give up. Time to stop pretending and submit hehe.

After exam scenes with some classmates:
“Alam kong alam mo yung sagot sa #1 kasi part mo yun sa report. Wag mo nang sabihin please!”
“Buti na lang di ko na pinagpabukas pa ang exam kasi ganito rin lang pala! At least I did not prolong the agony.”
“Ano yun????!!!! Anong mga sagot don???!!!”
“Ayaw ko na munang tignan notes ko!”
“Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!” Yes, dinaan na lang sa tawa ang lahat.
“Tara kain na tayo. Ni-look forward ko yung pagkain don eh!” (a classmate and I agreed to eat at some resto near our place after the exam)

On the way home, still thinking about the exam. Biglang bumulong ng “yamot, may wrong spelling pa ako!” Hahaha!

Syempre pag-uwi sa bahay, di ko matiis at chineck ko notes ko. Lahat ng sinagot ko after the first hour, sablay na hahaha! Siguro di na alam ni Sir kung iiling ba sya, tatawa, mayayamot o kakamot na lang ng ulo sa mga sagot ko hehehe.

So anyare? I don’t know. Best effort yung pagrereview ko dito. Itong subject na ito ang pinaglaanan ko ng matagal sa pagrereview. It’s just that there are so many concepts even in one chapter (so imagine all the 9 chapters) that it’s hard to remember everything. Plus maybe, my note taking wasn’t that effective still. Or maybe, I need to read the book a hundred more times to remember half of the concepts. Kung dito, ganito na, paano pa ang comprehensive exam! Waaaahhh!!!

The dilemma? Di man lang ata ako makaka-experience na ng kahit isang UNO sa grad school! Amp! :p

Huwell. On the flipside, at least the exam is over and I can sleep longer tonight! Time to move on to all the paper writing stuff!

P.s. Dear Sir, pwede po bang sa final exam, take home na lang parang nung R&D subject dati? Pa-Christmas mo na sa amin hehehehe!