Sunrise at Mt. Pulag last October 2008

Thank you Lord that I was able to get home safely tonight, at the comfort of a cab to boot. Thank you for the provision to do so. I did not even notice that it rained earlier to think that at my back in the office is a window. Kaya po siguro maraming mga pasahero pa rin akong nadaanang naghihintay ng jeep.

Thank you for the easy to prepare meals at home. Happy tummy after only a few minutes! Thank you for making me realize these things, despite the many heartaches brought about by work. I pray that I get the correct and expected results in my testing.

Thank you rin po pala for the yellow butterfly I saw this afternoon. I’d like to believe that it was my mom saying hi. Maybe, even now that she’s gone, she still knows the pain I’m going through right now.

Lastly, please help me understand quickly all the things I’m reviewing for my exam. Gusto ko po talagang mag-exam na this Thursday. Amen.