My brain is starting to freeze with all this researching and writing for our Sector study (a requirement in one of my classes), hence, this quick break to write about random things.

  • I haven’t seen my favorite anonymous family during the mass this morning. I wonder if they changed schedule. I was used to seeing them and usually sit behind them in the morning mass. I just love seeing them especially the brother who is so caring to his siblings. Peg family.
  • There is a 3-day sale going on in Megamall, so I was trying to stay as far away from it as possible. It’s not because I might impulsively shop again. I’ve had my fair share of being one but generally, I just shop when I need something. I just don’t like to be squeezed in between too many people. However, I need some groceries and I need a blazer for this Thursday’s group report. I don’t need it at work so I never bothered to buy one before. Anyway, I went straight to the mall right after mass and surprise! There were already a lot of people waiting for the department stores to open. Arrived there 10 minutes before opening so we had to wait for a few more minutes. Unfortunately for me, no blazer at 50% off but good enough that the one I bought has a 10% discount, and it’s made by one of my more favored brands.
  • I have been searching for closed shoes for the office for more than 3 months now but I just can’t find anything that says “buy me! buy me!” My current pair is on the verge of retirement. The sole is already thin that sometimes I feel the pavement when walking hehe. Hopefully, before it totally gives way, I already have a new pair.
  • From the news minutes ago, I have confirmed that some scenes of Forevermore, a new teleserye by ABS-CBN which will be aired soon, are shot in Baguio, specifically near our place. I had an inkling when I first saw the trailer, then a cousin posted her pictures with the cast staying in their lodge. Ok, I may watch that because I’m interested to see how our place looks like on TV haha!
  • I want an Ipod just so I have something to listen to while on my way to work. Our team was transferred to another building, farther from where I leave. I just feel it’s a waste of time doing nothing while waiting for the trains or just seating in jeepneys weaving through the traffic. I’m thinking of making this a reward to myself IF I am able to do a challenge for 21 days hehe. PUSH.
  • I should really start updating my resume. It’s been years since the last time I did it.
  • I am having lots of pimples for the past weeks. I think it started since we transferred to another site. It’s a longer travel time hence, more pollution to catch. Bring us back to Manda please!
  • Sometimes, I want to drop one of my subjects. Work has been more stressful lately and I’m having a hard time juggling. Funny thing was, another classmate is thinking of doing it too. But then, we all agreed that it’s really a waste of money and that we’ll still go through the same thing the next time we enroll in the class again, so better not prolong the agony and finish it now. Oh well.

And now, I need to go back to that paper while there’s still time left this Sunday.