Before June officially closes, reality check for these goals.
  1. Complete payment of bank and personal loan – target end of January – completed personal loan just recently by realigning budget.
  2. Religiously pay SK LU – no delays so far.
  3. Maintain 7k savings for lot processing/housing fund – had to adjust last Jan. and Feb. because of other payables. So far, consistent in the succeeding months.
  4. Save 35k to add to safety fund (aka emergency fund). Target to accumulate 3 months’ worth by end of year. – Changed priorities around April so new target is to complete SF (6 months) by end of this year or until Jan. 2015.
  5. Maintain 2k/month allocation for BDO EIP – still on track.
  6. Increase MF to 20k – still consistent with the 500/month budget but currently evaluating if I would still continue with this or just switch to UITFs.
  7. Add 10-20k in stock market – still on track. 5K added to date.
  8. Complete my version of the 52-week challenge – missed some weeks and switching to a lower base for the succeeding weeks to make it more realistic
  9. Continue donation for church construction in my hometown where my mom was active on her last few months with us – missed some months but will still make it up for a bigger donation by end of year.
Keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to meet these goals this year. However, I’m expecting something that will again impact my budget but hopefully, it won’t cause so much deviation from my goals. MUST complete #4!

Will update by year end.