Vice Ganda shared his realization recently. In their show It’s Showtime, they always encourage their audience to be happy and to stay positive. However, with the events in his personal life lately, he realized that it is ok to feel sad, that it is okay to cry and be angry. But after that moment, we should find the courage and the reason to be happy again.

So today, I’m allowing myself to feel disappointed and frustrated with how things are currently at work. Unfortunately, I’m not getting what I need, there is no direction for one of the projects, there are a lot of people to talk to but I feel that there is communication gap and that they don’t really make an effort to understand what I’m asking them. And then I’m just so demotivated to rectify these situations. Mostly, my reaction is to feel bad and frustrated instead of staying objective like what I usually do in the past. Hopefully though, this feeling will be over in the coming days.