Dear Mama,

A visit to a friend’s place today had me thinking yet again. I want something but I’m not sure if it is a wise buy. I know that you weren’t so keen on the last major decision I made last year. I’m now regretting that I didn’t ask further as to why you were not so amenable.

Now, I’m at the crossroads again, badly needing your advice. If I push for it, would you agree to it? I wish there is a way to know what you think. I know you’ll still say it’s up to me but I would really like to know your opinion. Let me know in my dreams please?

By the way, Jen graduated the other day with her MS in Chemistry in Ateneo. It’s also my dream to go to Ateneo and someday wear their blue toga! After UPD perhaps. Anyway, she invited me to her celebration (and house blessing of her sister’s condo), and during the cab ride, a song that you used to sing (I forgot the title) played in the radio and it made me cry and miss you more. 🙁 I was also able to talk to her mom and she was amazed at Jen’s school. She said it was beautiful! And I agree with her! And then it hit me again that on my own graduation in UP, you won’t be there to attend it na :(. Hay Mama, nagsaor ka nu maminsan ta inbatim dagos dakami. Kunak nu sika ti kadwak nga bumaket tani kasla met awan mangkayat kanyak ngem kapanao ka met nga dagos. Hanko ammo ti ikastak ketdi idiay balay ko tatta.

Anyway, back to my concern. Ano sa tingin mo mother? Good decision kaya? Butterflies please please please mother! I love you forever. Please continue watching over us. And I don’t mind seeing you in my dreams.