I know it happens. But it’s so overwhelming if it happens to someone you personally know. My friend gave birth to a bouncing baby boy today! They have been waiting for this gift of theirs from the moment we became colleagues almost 8 years ago. I am a witness to all the things they had to go through, all the decisions they had to make, even cried with them during the times of their losses. They were always included in my prayers especially during the many times they had to embark on their TTC (trying to conceive) journey. This is because I have always believed that if there are couples who had the right to have babies, it is them for I know that they will be responsible, loving and well, doting parents :). And today, after those months of infanticipating and worrying and going through all the injections, their baby boy is finally here!

Dear Renzo,

Welcome to the world! I am so happy and amazed that you’re finally here. I can’t help but cry as I look at your picture together with your Nanay. You are truly God’s best gift for your Nanay and Tatay. Be strong always. I can’t help but be excited for you as you discover the world. Know that you are loved by many. And know that you will be in my prayers forever.

Tita Mylene

Again, having been a witness to my friend’s journey, the following has been reaffirmed.

Miracles do happen!

It will be given to you, no matter how long it takes and no matter how difficult the journey is sometimes. You just have to work hard for it ALWAYS, and keep on moving forward.
Take the journey as a couple. It’s much better to share the joys and it helps ease the pain when you know your better half is with you in this journey.
Keep the unwavering and strong faith in God. He never fails you.

On a personal note, thank you, Dear Lord, for showing me that life is still beautiful despite the pain and that losses can be replaced with new and beautiful beginnings. I am forever grateful.