Spent most of today’s shift setting up the new laptop issued to me hence I forgot that it was my 11th year anniversary with my present employer. How far can I still go? That remains to be seen. It all depends on where this year will take me hehe. Right now, I’m just focusing on finishing my masters with a lot of things learned and not just for the sake of the title. I miss travelling though. Hopefully, planned travel for this year will push through.

On another note, I’m a bit challenged on how to juggle 3 projects right now, plus assisting a newbie on the side. Two of those are with different clients whose business processes I’m not yet familiar with. Also, one should go live by July this year. I know I need to read on vendor selection process and all the other stuff that come with it but I’m still struggling to find the perfect balance. But I must find it the soonest.

Lastly, looks like I’ll be in Makati for most of the days at least in the coming weeks. Raaawwrrr! It means longer travel time and may be more expensive because I may need to take the cab especially if the MRT is already closed.

Ok, enough blabbering.