***As posted in my Facebook yesterday***


Lord, thank you for today’s perfect weather. Thank you for the fog that kept off the summer heat. Thank you for the drizzle during the mass. I know it was your way of letting Your presence known. Thank you for the beautiful songs sang by the choir. Those were the exact songs I had in mind and was planning to request but didn’t have to. The songs brought me back to my humble beginnings and made me appreciate more what I have now. Thank you for the community who also celebrated with us. Most especially, thank you to my family and friends for all their help and who came even on a Monday just because I requested them to be there. Indeed Lord, You are the best project manager of my life. Your timing is always perfect. I am humbled and I am forever grateful. #tuloylanghanggangmatapos #matataposkorinito

Thanks, Anne, for this pic collage and for the rest of the pictures . Walang kwenta cam ko haha.


Finally done with it. And I’m oh so glad it’s over! 🙂

Just to note what Father Joel said (not his exact words): We are surrounded by worldly things, but we should always make an effort to continue working on our relationship with the Lord. So true! I’m glad that this year, I included it as one of my goals :).

I am beyond amazed with the help I received from my family. Thank you so much for lessening my burden with all the things going on right now! And I was truly touched with the presence of the community from Divine Mercy who took their time to join me in this milestone. May they be blessed more.

Lastly, it feels great to be celebrating mass in your own home! I hope there will be other opportunities in the coming months. I would be more than willing to host!

As an added bonus, we got to see this while we were already on our way to the terminal. I requested my uncle to stop for a while so that we could take a picture.


Beautiful day indeed! I am forever grateful. 🙂