In January, I was surprised when my boss informed me that she has a budget for study assistance allotted for me. Suddenly, I was in a situation where I had to decide quickly if I want to pursue the Master in Technology Management (MTM) Program of UP Diliman or not, since I know that applications start as early as December and that there are several requirements I need to provide coming from different offices. But while thinking over it, I already started securing the requirements.

First to check was how to get the documents from my undergraduate university. It would be my first time so I don’t know how hard or easy to request for the documents. I made that as my first sign-that if I get the documents from school without any problems, then it is a go. And so thanks to the Internet, I was able to get from St. Louis University’s website the contact details of the Registrar’s Office. A week after I made my very first inquiry, my requested documents were delivered to my friend’s home.

The rest of the documents were easier to produce since it’s coming from HR. Just to make sure, I called up Technology Management Center (TMC) to:

  • Validate the requirements listed in their site. Birth Certificate from NSO was not included in the site
  • Inquire about who can fill out the recommendation form. As per the site, this can be the immediate supervisor or a former professor. I’m having second thoughts about requesting from a professor since I left university ages ago and of course my former professors have no idea of my life after college LOL. Good thing they allow previous immediate supervisors so that made it easier for me.

Here’s a complete list of what I submitted:

  1. Application form (called TMC-GC Form 1, downloaded from their website)
  2. Two recommendation forms (called TMC-GC Form 2, downloaded from their website). This should be placed in a sealed envelope, with the respondent’s signature in the envelope flap.
  3. Birth Certificate from National Statistics Office (NSO)
  4. Original transcript of records of all degrees
  5. Certificate of Graduation (or applicants may also submit certified true copies of their diploma/s)
  6. Certificate of Employment printed in a paper with the company letterhead and signed by the immediate supervisor.
  7. Duties and responsibilities printed in a paper with the company letterhead and signed by the immediate supervisor. For this and #5, our HR prepared it for me and they combined it in 1 standard document. I just requested them to provision for a space for my immediate supervisor’s signature.
  8. Two ID pictures (2×2) attached to the application form. In my case, I only attached one. The other one, I just handed it to them when I submitted my documents. They later on attached that in my exam permit.
  9. Four 1×1 ID pictures. I failed to see this in the form so I did not have any upon submission. Good thing they allowed me to submit during the exam. And good thing, the studio where I had my picture taken few weeks prior keep their copies up to 6 moths so I was able to request for a reprint. Let me just say that it’s expensive to have ID pictures nowadays LOL!

After completing the requirements, I just went to their office located at ASTI Bldg. in C.P. Garcia to submit. I paid a total of Php750.00, breakdown of which are as follows:

  1. Php50.00 – Application fee for Filipinos ($50.00 for foreigners)
  2. Php250.00 – Processing fee
  3. Php450.00 – Entrance examination fee

I did that on the last day of submission last February 22, 2013. Buzzer beater as always LOL. I don’t know what happened to my timeline hehe.

Anyway, you can read further about the program in TMC’s website. As per checking, they are now entertaining second batch of applicants. Deadline of application is March 22, 2013 and exam is on March 24, 2013.